Welcome to Wise Owl Designs, inspired by the many women in my life who have shared with me their love of crafts and nature. My maternal grandmother taught me early on about many beautiful birds and appreciating wildlife. My paternal grandmother instilled in me a love of yarn and fabric and working with my hands. This shop also honors my mother, who has supported everything I’ve ever set out to achieve (and is a knitter herself), as well as my late step-mother, who had a green thumb like no one I’ve ever known.

Wise Owl Designs is all about sharing with those dearest to you. I have always loved making handmade items for my friends and family–now I can share my love of crafts with the rest of the world. After a series of unfortunate events and quitting my job to stay home and take care of an ill family member, I came to realize that nothing is more important than spending time with those you love. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise, as now I am able to focus on fulfilling my artistic passions.

I absolutely love color and beautiful things. I have worked hard to select fabrics and yarns that I hope you will enjoy, while making useful items for all fiber enthusiasts. If you don’t see just the right item for you, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be delighted to work on something that suits your needs.  I delight in custom work–we can work together to create the perfect item for you or a treasured person in your life.

Please visit Wise Owl Designs on Etsy and don’t forget to follow Wise Owl on Facebook, Twitter (@WiseOwl_Designs), and Instagram (@WiseOwl_Designs).  Enjoy life and take your knitting everywhere!